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Moving can be a very stressful experience considering all the work that comes with it. This includes but not limited to : sorting, packing, lifting offloading, installations including TV mounting and finally organizing the house.

At Ahadi movers limited, we offer personalized services to our different clients to move their lifetime investments,  hand picked collections and take care of mementos like they would. Most if not all these burden is transferred to us  because we have the knowledge and experience to help you as a customer have total peace of mind throughout the move planning and final execution.

Based on experience and having moved hundreds of families and offices locally, regionally and internationally, here are some of the top reasons why you need to hire a moving company:

  1. All your valuables are insured with professional movers: wouldn’t it be comforting to know that if any of your valuable items get damaged during the moving process, they will be replaced? Moving companies offer various insurance options to take care of any eventualities for all the moves: local, regionally and internationally.
  2. Movers will have all the necessary equipment: How horrible would it be if you had to start un-mounting your TV set without the right tools, or having to dismantle your bed without the recommended allen keys, or breaking your precious chandeliers while trying to unistall? Forget about wrecking your nerves while at it. Professional movers send experts including: a carpenter, electrician and a designated TV installer to take care and save you of any heartbreaks.
  3. You will free up time for other important errands on the move day: Moving companies save your time allowing you to free time to attend to other important matters. Spending a whole day on moving yourself, will most likely suck out all your energy, stress there by giving you no time to attend to other pressing matters.
  4. Your friends and family will love you for not stressing them and breaking their backs: would you rather have a good time with your loved ones or lose them? Moving companies come in handy to save your friendships.
  5. In the long run, you save money : The number one reason that many people end up moving themselves is that they believe the price of hiring a professional is too much. But when you move yourself and complications arise, you could end up shelling out money that isn’t in your budget to remedy these issues.

Are you planning a move and not sure where or how to start the process?

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Ahadi Movers Limited is a company dedicated to providing relocation services to our customers through out East Africa and beyond. We are driven by quality and excellence in all aspects of the business. Ahadi Movers Limited was founded with a vision that moving can be a relaxing and interesting experience. Call us today 0721 90 90 90 or email us at sales@ahadimovers.com you can also reach us through our website www.ahadimovers.com

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By providing trained and qualified staff to assist you in your move, Ahadi Movers Limited protects your belongings.

We ensure your home and your belongings are damage free at the end of your move.

Ahadi Movers provide world class services to our customers.

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Moving with us this September.

Ahadi Movers is #1 provider of affordable, professional moving services on the Kenya. We understand that for most people, moving is a stressful, time consuming, and, sometimes, overwhelming process. In addition to the laundry list of moving-related to-dos, like finding a new house and transferring your utilities, there’s the logistical challenge of getting your entire home packed and all your belongings transported to a new location. That’s where we can make things a little easier. With over a decade of moving experience, Ahadi Movers has what it takes to get you moved quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re moving down the street or to a completely different state, you can trust us with the heavy lifting.

We believe in doing things the right way, which is why we are a fully licensed and insured moving company. Our compliance with regulating bodies and insurance requirements means your belongings are protected while in our care. Plus, we train our movers constantly to meet the moving skills standards, which means we meet the highest industry standards for professional excellence. Being trusted with your prized possessions is not something we take lightly.

Ahadi Movers offers a variety of moving services to simplify the moving process. In addition to residential and commercial long-distance moves, we also provide local moving services in ten East African cities. We also offer packing and unpacking services, piano moving, and storage solutions. Best of all, we offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry, so you can stick to your moving budget. Call us today and receive a free, over-the-phone moving quote from one of our moving specialists!